After growing up outside of Toronto, ON, Tiffany headed out west to complete her
undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria. Then, back to the east to complete her
Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto, which gave her
many opportunities to work within top hospitals driving her interest in cardiorespiratory
physiotherapy. This unique experience has given Tiffany a special perspective and
understanding that the patient’s healing process is a journey.

After a few years in the CCU, ICU and other high intensity settings, Tiffany decided that she
wanted to switch gears and focus on manual therapy and work in a private clinic setting. Her
focus shifted from shift work to taking as many courses as she could to hone in on her manual
therapy skills. This paradigm continues today as Tiffany is a strong believer in continuing
education and that a successful practitioner needs to continue to learn. Some of her more
recent courses include (and are not exclusive to) TMJ, upper and low body injuries, dry needling
and motor patterning.

Her love of education easily translated into becoming a clinical educator for the University of
Alberta during her 8 years in Alberta. Tiffany loves to educate her patients as well, so they truly
understand where their issues are coming from. Walking through each individual’s injury and
healing process allows Tiffany and her patients to work together as a team to come up with
solutions and strategies to achieve the patient’s goals.

With her athletic and competitive background in snowboarding, Tiffany has been able to apply
her knowledge of sport and competition to her athletic clientele (arm chair, or otherwise!). Don’t
let her love of working with athletes fool you though, she enjoys working with all patients!
Since entering the manual therapy realm, Tiffany has had the pleasure of working with top notch
colleagues in Ontario, Alberta and BC, and is excited to bring her enthusiasm, experience and
energy to Progression Muscle Bone and Joint Clinic.
During off hours, Tiffany loves spending time with her husband and two boys mountain biking, hiking, skiing and snowboarding.