Richard graduated in 1979, from Trinity College Dublin, School of Physiotherapy, in Ireland.

Richard’s early years of experience in the treatment of neurological problems, combined with his own involvement in sports and the treatment of sports related injury, have shaped his interest in a more integrated approach to prevention and management.

In addition to traditional Physiotherapy and rehabilitative exercise, he has also completed his Osteopathic studies and combines an Osteopathic manual approach into his clinical practice.

Using this foundation of neurology, orthopedics, and osteopathy in his many years as a clinician, Richard has the experience to integrate many treatment approaches, to address musculoskeletal dysfunction in all age groups. He has a particular interest in those with more chronic issues.

Despite the many advances he has witnessed over the years, our improved understanding of the musculoskeletal system, and the neurophysiology of pain, Richard is keenly aware of the need for the injured persons involvement in their own treatment through education, awareness and corrective exercise.