Meagan earned a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary in 2016 and passionately entered the world of personal training and group fitness. Working as the Lead Trainer in Nanaimo, BC, she also became a certified yoga instructor and spin instructor. After an injury of her own, she wanted to learn more about training for everyday life as well as pre- and post rehab, so she took a job as an assistant to a Chiropractor in Calgary specializing in exercise rehabilitation, eventually learning Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and became certified to teach workshops for re-training developmental movement patterns and utilizing her understanding of Kinesiology. She has developed much of her skill set from her own coaches, whether it be through sports, previous injuries, mentors, and friends and family. She has since earned a postgraduate Diploma in Manual Osteopathic Therapy and is dedicated to continue learning and helping others.

Meagan has many interests of her own, including hiking, cycling and mountain biking, snowboarding, soccer, yoga, and happy hours with family.