Dr. Ariano has always had a keen interest in sports from her early days as a competitive fastball player to later years racing triathlons, road and cross country running and road bike racing. Once she realized she couldn’t keep up with the young whipper snappers anymore she decided to go the coaching route and became NCCP certified in xc skiing and road bike racing. In medical school she developed her interest in sports medicine (which has come in pretty handy for her 2 university track athletes girls!).

Her interests include female, Masters and endurance athlete health, provision of exercise prescriptions for health, and preventive medicine.  She has a passion for getting people of all ages involved in sport and to keep them there with her sport medicine practice.  She has been on the board of directors of a number of local sporting organizations and is involved in sport event planning.

At the clinic she plans to see acute/ chronic sports injuries, perform injections (steroid, viscosupplementation), see non-surgical foot/ankle and some hand consults.  She will also work in the acute knee injury clinic and expand the clinic’s services as it evolves.